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To switch to solar energy.



$1,000 cash rebate upon sign-up.



Warranty stays with home, unlimited transfers.



You own your power supply at a fixed price. No more inflation.



Serving the Phoenix area since 2012.



Experts in residential energy conservation.



We combine energy reduction with energy efficiency for maximum savings.



We are the best of the best in the solar industry.



No cheap knock-offs from China. Our materials are top-rated in the industry.



We are with you through every step: planning, inspections, paperwork, permits, install.



We work with only the most experienced installation partners in the industry.



Free duct sealing on every project, special discounts on new HVAV and roof, if needed

Robert Pierson


Robert Pierson has been a residential energy reduction/solar industry expert since 1997. In 2012, he formed Solarize, Arizona's premier energy optimization company helping homeowners maximize their comfort and savings through total home energy makeovers. His #1 purpose in forming the company was to provide homeowners with what he saw as sorely lacking in the industry - trust and integrity.

Through the company's 'reduction before production' solutions-based approach, Solarize provides homeowners with customized energy savings strategies that combine multiple home systems and solar solutions that work hand in hand to maximize ROI. "Our approach allows homeowners to rest assured they can live in total comfort while obtaining substantial savings," says Robert.

At the start of his career, Robert owned a business that specialized in a permanent coating for home exteriors which was enhanced with microscopic ceramic microspheres to reflect heat penetration through the walls. Think of it like a permanent paint that saves energy. In 2003, he sold his company and opened Arizona Energy Systems where he worked exclusively with homeowners to develop demand-based rate plans, showing them how they could improve their comfort and reduce their utility. By managing "Demand" charges while also incorporating other facets of energy reduction with load control to drastically increase comfort, Robert was able to decrease "Electric Expenses" by up to 25% or more!

Today, Robert is on a mission to change the perception of the solar business, which wears a 'black eye' due to sales reps that lack training or misrepresent savings for their own personal gain. To do this, and instead of the traditional solar sales pitch, Robert developed a total home solutions-based approach to change the way homeowners perceived the entire industry. Robert says, "One of my goals is to educate homeowners on how to turn their APS bill into an asset, and no longer a liability.

Industry Insights from Robert - Potential Arizona Energy Crisis

In the coming five years, Robert predicts an energy crisis in Arizona due to massive energy cost increases caused by the immense adoption of electric vehicles (by 2030, KPMG predicts 52% of the cars on the road will be electric), a continued influx of people moving to the state each year, and, within the 12 months, the state potentially losing 80% of the power generation benefit provided by the Hoover Dam (due to water levels fast approaching that which have not been seen since 1956, which would be well below its turbines). Put just these three things together and the outlook is, in Robert's opinion, not good.

What's the solution? How can Arizona residents stay out in front of the impending energy crisis?

Solarize is now educating its clients on how to stay cool and safe if the Arizona power grid experiences "rolling blackouts" in the summer of 2023 (APS and SRP both warn of future summer power delivery issues after summer 2022) with alternatives other than power storage batteries, which, for now, are not recommended by the team due to the large expense involved in covering AC loads that are cost prohibitive for most.

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Through the adoption of a total home energy makeover that includes solar, consumers can expect to see a cost saving of 40% or more as compared to paying their utility each month while waiting for improvements in, and lower costs for, battery technology. Robert says: "Solar is less expensive than APS, there is no money out-of-pocket, and you own your energy. What's better than that?!"

Right now, Solarize is offering a Free EV Charger and/or up to 3 months of APS bills paid for new clients. Give Robert a call at 480-246-0405.


Solarize is one of only 2 Companies
in the entire Phoenix area
that is Pearl Certified.

Many solar contractors say they’re high-quality, but very few can actually back it up with the muster of a reputable third-party verifier. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Pearl Certification, a national firm that qualifies an elite network of professionals who certify high-performing homes — homes that are healthy, comfortable, resilient, and energy efficient.

Robert Pierson

Alex S. - AUG 2023

"Robert is an expert on everything solar. He is very responsive and holds all vendors to the highest standards. I really enjoyed working with Robert who installed my home backup batteries. The job was completed in reasonable time and the schedule was transparent and easy to understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Robert to all my friends who are interested in "going solar".

Robert Pierson
Robert Pierson

Larry R. - AUG 2023

"We recently worked with Robert Pierson, SolarizeAZ, to install solar panels on our house. It was a pleasure working with Robert. He knows the solar business inside and out and is very professional to work with. He is always available when I call or he returns my calls promptly ........ I have found it to be a very pleasant experience working with Robert and highly recommend him to anyone considering installing solar panels."



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Robert Pierson
Robert Pierson

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Robert Pierson