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I have heard that with solar, APS can end up owing you money. How is this possible?

APS buys all the excess power that your system produces but you don’t use at a fixed rate, so during Nov-July your bills will most likely be below $0 and the credits rack up. At the year’s end, they will cash you out!

How much does the average system cost?

There really is no average, as everyone’s energy usage differs and the system size is based entirely on the Kilowatts used during the year. Here is an example of a client with a $265.00 average bill that uses 16,500 kw/year: By adding a high efficiency pool pump & Eco Plus with extended run thermostat, we only needed 21 solar panels or a 6.8 KW System, and their monthly payment was only $115.00 + New APS Bill $22.00. They saved over $100.00/month. This is how most projects work.

Do you have any references or people near me I can speak with?

We sure do! Chances are, we may have done one of your neighbors installs as we install roughly 220 per week.

Can I come to your office and meet with you?

No problem! We can give you a tour of each and every department, and answer any and all questions you may have. Please take a photo of your electric service panel before your visit so we have an idea of what energy upgrades your home may need.

If solar saves money, why doesn’t everyone have it?

Unfortunately, as credit is needed, not all homeowners qualify.